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 I am a reader and writer of slash fanfiction. A fangirl to the core, i search the web looking for interesting slashy fics  to satisfy my every need. In this blog i’ll be posting my current fanfiction stories, what i’ve recently read or want to read, what i didn’t like, what i loved and just about anything else that comes to me at the time. So if you’re a slash loving fangirl (or boy) keep coming back and i am sure you’ll find something to keep you entertained!   


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  1. Cjdynamite said

    Hi there
    I read your Stargate Cam/John story a few days ago on ff.net. I left a review…because I think the story is great! John/Cam is, in my mind, the best pairing and I love and adore coming across the somewhat rare pairing. I think you are a great writer and was just wondering if you plan on writing any more of this? Sorry if I seem to be pestering you, (nt my intention at all!) but I got your story stuck in my head!

    Thanks lots!

  2. Cjdynamite said


  3. Liizzy said

    Hi! i really love the Harry Potter/Supernatural! the most! i got several nosebleeds when reading your story! THe last chapter made me scream “NO!” can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • I think you’ll like the final two chapters… i am working on them right now and hope to have chapter 9 posted within a day or two. I have one more scene to write and then editing, which wont take long. So, you can rest assured Harry won’t be in kidnapped for very much longer!

      Thanks for reading;-)

  4. Charlotte said

    Hello! I love your Love Verse stories, an i read them on ff.net first lol Could u please tell me the names of the actors u used as their kids? i know i’ve seen them before an it’s drivin me mad lol

    • The only one i know is the actor i chose for Jamie and that is Freddie Highmore who played in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, August Rush… he’s been in a number of really excellent movies. The other two, i just found in advertisements as models.

      Glad you liked my series, i hoped to get back to it. I have two more ficlets i plan to write in the Love!Verse, but it may be a while. I had the next one nearly finished and then my computer went belly up and now its gone, so i have to start from strach again. 🙂

  5. WinniBell said

    Hi, I’m completely in love with your story Never Forget and I was hoping an wondering it you were planing on continuing it anytime soon. It’s a really great story an you made it with a new twist on the Edward/Harry pairing

    • I want to return to it, but everytime time i have tried i can’t seem to make it work. I took a break from writing this story and since then have lost my muse for it. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping it comes back because i did enjoy writing it. ;D

  6. surukia said

    Hello! i was just curious about your story never forget… i was wondering if you were going to continue it or not… if your having a block or something maybe you can ask fans of the story to help you continue it. it’s really good from what you have so far so. . . yeah!

  7. SamT said

    need… more… Vaako and Riddick goodness…. *droools and goes to re-read*

  8. andrea said

    I Love your stories. Awesome work!

  9. Wade said

    Hi, Slash Addict Just a short message to say i love your fanfiction, and was woundering when the sequal for the
    (no body said it would be easy) harry potter/ stargate sg1 crossover. I love this story and was woundering if and when the sequal will be coming.

    keep up the great stories…

    • Well, i have a rough outline of what i want to do with the sequel, but i’ve been caught up with other stories/fandoms lately. I hope to get back to that series soon and write the sequel… maybe sometime close to the end of the year. We’ll see. :p Thanks for commenting!

  10. Stephanie said

    Hi. Im new to your stories, which are all awesome by the way. Can wait to read either more Harry/Edward(cedric) stories or Harry/Riddick pairings

    • Thanks! I am working on the epilogue for Fade Into Darkness and it’s about 3/4 done. I just need to write one more scene and edit and then the whole she-bang is over. The new chapter for Never Forget is going slow, but i hope to have something to post soon.

      Thanks for commenting! ;p

  11. sexy dark angel said

    Please tell me you are going to finish this story I have been waiting to see what happens. Pease finish. Thank you.

  12. lanore123 said

    I was wondering if your going to update any of you stories I started to get into them…

    • I have been little busy in RL lately… I started working as a freelance writer so in my offtime I haven’t wanted to write as much. I am missing my fanfiction stories so I hope to be able to back to them soon! We’ll see. *g*

  13. lanore123 said

    I always love reading your updates and new stories please keep going…

  14. omG. You are a girl after my own heart. 🙂 I wish I had friends like you. I don’t have anyone to freak out about my fanfictions and obsessions. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  15. lanore123 said

    I was wondering if you are going to be updating any of your story?

  16. Katelaina said

    I love slash especially when it has mpreg in it, but it is so hard to find new ones these days.

  17. Sunny said

    I just happened to stumble across “The Wish” over on Twisting the Hellmouth (this is what I get for hunting for obscured crossovers), and just had to say that I love the writing style. I kind of hope that you continue “The Wish” some day but for now…I raid the rest of your stuff. 🙂

  18. lanore123 said

    are you ever going to update your stories…?

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