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Never Forget – Chapter One

Posted by iamaslashaddict on February 23, 2010

Disclaimer: See Prologue.
Rating: PG-13.
Author’s Note: So here is the second chapter. I am having a lot of fun writing this story and so you readers are going to be reaping in the benefits of my labor! Remember review, review, review!!! I just came to the realization that I am a feedback junkie… feed the habit people, please!!!

Chapter 1

“I want to leave.” Harry spoke suddenly after he placed his daughter in her highchair and sat down for breakfast one morning.

The kitchen of Grimmauld Place had for the months since the end of the war felt less and less like a place to sit and rest with his family. The summer before his fifth year at Hogwarts he had been introduced to The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and though it was dark, dirty and filled with creepy things, it had felt like a place for him and his family to find a bit of peace. The Burrow since the moment he’d been brought to it was a home away from Hogwarts, but Grimmauld Place had been his sanctuary.

The Order for the entire length of the war had called this place headquarters and on any given day dozens of members and their families flocked in and out throughout the day. Over the years that number had gotten smaller and smaller as more life was taken in the fight to free them all from the clutches of Voldemort. At the very end most days the house sat quiet and empty, not a sound except for the odd groan or creek from the ancient house.

“Leave Grimmauld Place, Harry?” Hermione asked with a frown as she dished up Harry and Lilu a plate of food.

“No… England, the Wizarding World…” Harry replied with a shake of his head. “I don’t want to live like this anymore… I don’t want Lilu to grow up like this.”

The months since the war had been both happy and sad for many. Voldemort and his Death Eaters were gone and people were able to leave their homes without fear again. However, prejudice against muggles, muggleborns and magical creatures still abounded. Harry, as the Savior of the Wizarding World, was hounded by reporters and the public in general, all wanting to take a little of Harry’s time. New articles come out in the paper each day, talking about Harry and what he was doing, who he was seeing, his plans… Lilu, as his daughter, garnered a fair bit of attention as well and Harry had begun to fear taking his daughter outside the house because people wanted to touch her, talk to her… Harry no longer felt the wizarding world was a safe place to raise his daughter.

Sirius from the other side of the long aged table set his fork on his plate and spoke. “Where were you thinking of?”

They all had been aware from the very beginning of Harry’s displeasure with the fame his role in the fight against Voldemort given him and that displeasure had only increased once the war was over. 

“America. It’s far enough away that most don’t even know my name, their laws on using magic and magical creatures are much more relaxed, it’d be a new opportunity for us to start over and be able to get on with our lives without people flocking to us or old memories…” Harry replied his words drifting off at the end.

They had all lost friends and family in the war, but for Ron and Hermione… they’d lost nearly everyone they loved.

In fifth year during Christmas break, Death Eaters had decided to start killing families of muggleborn Hogwarts students. The a week before Christmas Hermione had watched helplessly as her parents were tortured and killed in front of her as she was held in place by a laughing Death Eater. The Order had come to fight, but they had been too late to save her parents. That night a fire had roared to life in Hermione and she had taken the task of winning the war as her personal cause.

For Ron, it had not only devastated him, but Harry as well… though Harry’s pain and loss could never be as great as his best friend’s. During the summer before sixth year The Burrow had been attacked after someone had told Voldemort’s people about a birthday party being planned for Harry. However, that morning Lilu had come down with a cold and the party was postponed, but the person who tipped the Death Eaters never passed that bit of information along… That day Ron’s entire family had been in their home completely unaware as Bellatrix Lestrange sent a Fiendfyre spell at The Burrow destroying it before they ever had a chance. Ron had only survived because he and Hermione at the time had been at Grimmauld Place trying to help Harry care for their four month old niece.

When word had come from Dumbledore that The Burrow had been destroyed and all of the Weasleys were believed to be dead, Ron had collapsed on the ground and hadn’t spoke a word for three days. When he finally spoke again he had taken up the cause of helping Harry win the war as fiercely as Hermione had.

“America, Mate? …what do you think ‘Mione?” Ron asked, his mouth full with food as usual.

Hermione had a thoughtful look on her face. “I think it might be a great idea. We all need a change and America is just as good as any other place… maybe better for Remus and Sirius.”

Harry looked back at his godfathers with a questioning look on his face. Sirius had a blinding smile on his face as if something had just dawned on him. Beside him Remus was chuckling as he leaned his head onto Sirius’ shoulder and looked up at his mate. “We could get married…”

“…and have a baby…” Sirius whispered as he looked down at the man who had held his heart from the moment he’d set eyes on him in first year.

“…a baby…” Remus said with a grin as he nuzzled his face into his mate’s neck and sighed.

“Okay… so they’re in…” Harry said with a laugh and then turned to his two best friends. “Mione, Ron, what do you say?”

The couple turned and looked at each other and did that strange non-verbal conversation thing they had perfected during the war. Harry waited slightly impatiently as they decided, turning to his daughter as she banged her palms against the highchair’s tray in annoyance at not being fed her breakfast yet.

“Dada…” Lilu squealed loudly as she smiled up at her daddy as he turned, her two baby teeth shining in the morning light. Harry laughed and mashed up some on his potatoes and fed them to her. Lilu ate the food all the while she continued to bang her hands down lightly on the tray and making “Numm numm…” noises as she chewed.

Harry smiled down at his daughter who looked so much like Cedric. She had hazel eyes and wavy chestnut colored hair, her lips were bubble gum pink and long and thin, her face sharp and angular… Every day Harry missed his lover, but whenever he felt the loss all he had to do was look at their daughter and know a little piece of him was still with Harry.

“Looks like we’re all moving to America Harry…” Hermione said finally.

Turning to his friends, Harry said. “You sure… It’s pretty far away?”

“Yeah mate… nothing here for us anymore, ‘sides we’re not splitting up the family!” Ron said firmly.

“Okay… so where in America should we move?” Hermione asked.


Over the next few days and after a lot of talking and a fair bit of throwing darts at a map of America and still not agreeing, Harry finally covered his eyes with his hand and pointed to a random spot on the map. Uncovering his eyes, Harry saw his finger was right over a small town by the name of Forks in the state of Washington. He couldn’t explain it, but as soon as he read the name it just felt… right.

“Forks… they actually have a town called Forks?” Ron said with a laugh as he read the map. With a shrug he said, “Its fine with me…”

Hermione looked at the map and then stepped back. “It’s not too far from Seattle, which has a fairly big magical community so if we need to get books, potions, or anything like that we won’t have to go too far.”

“It’s surrounded by a big forest so Moony and I can go running on the full moon.” Sirius nodded.

Harry turned to Remus. “Up to you… is it okay?”

The werewolf looked around at his family and then smiled. “I think it’ll be perfect.”

Once the decision had been made they began making plans for their family to move. It was a somewhat slow process as they had to find a new home in Forks. However, fairly soon they realized that no home in the town was going to be what they needed, so Sirius contacted a local construction company to have a house built for them. With everyone’s input, the plans for the house was created and sent by courier to the company to begin construction.

Three months, a lot of money and man hours later they left England behind. The group had arrived in Seattle via an international portkey and had found the SUV Harry had purchased for himself waiting as promised by the dealer. From there they had driven from Seattle to Forks all talking about what they expected to find in their new hometown.

It was very similar to England weather wise. The small town was filled with people going about their Friday mornings as usual. As the passed through the main part of the town and into the outskirts, Harry turned onto the long driveway leading up to their new home. As the driveway opened up and the house came into view he gasped. “Sirius… this is a lot bigger than I imagined…”

Laughing, Sirius leaned forward from the back seat and looked through the windshield at the large home ahead of them. “I know, but I figured if we are going to make a home here we might as well do it in comfort.”

The house was huge. It was a large white square two story house with a porch and second story terrace that followed along on three sides of the house.  A five car garage was attached to the house on one side housing the other four cars for all the adults. The surrounding forest was about a hundred yards away on all sides, giving a large open space for a front and backyard, perfect for Lilu to play.

Getting out of the SUV, they gathered their belongings and went inside. Sirius, once the house had been built, hired a decorator to do the house for them so that it was furnished when they arrived. It had a comfortable eclectic feel to it with bright colors and open spaces. The very center of the house had no roof and was a beautiful colorful garden. Every room in the house had French doors that opened out into the garden and the inner part of the second floor had a terrace that looked down into the garden with spiraling stairs on either side of the house.

With Sirius’ direction, Harry walked up stairs with Lilu in his arms and found both his and his daughter’s rooms. Per Harry’s directions to the decorator, Lilu’s room was filled with scenes of woodland creatures and fairytales painting with bright engaging colors.

“Baby girl… this is your new room. Isn’t it pretty?” Harry murmured to Lilu as he showed her the murals on the walls and the stuffed animals, the toys and cute little table and chairs with a tea set all arranged on top of it. The room was just what his little girl needed, a little place just for her. In just a few months Lilu would be turning two years old and up until coming to Forks, Harry had kept Lilu in his room with him. Now, as she got older she would have a room of her own.

Lilu lifted up her arm and laid it flat against the wall were a black dog was painted. “Pa’Food!”

“Why that is Padfoot isn’t that… and look here’s Moony too!” Harry laughed as he pointed right beside the large black grim were a sandy colored wolf stood, the two creatures we leaning against each other, their heads resting on the other’s.

“Moo’y!” Squealed Lilu as she clapped her hands.

Smiling Harry took them to look over his room. He was happy to see it was designed around being comfortable and relaxed. No ornate bed or knick knacks, no frilly curtains or anything like that. It was simple and clean, just the way he liked it.

“This is great Sirius, I love it!” Harry yelled as he tromped down the stairs.

“Good pup, this is gonna be our home from now on and I want us all to be happy.” Sirius said as he tickled Lilu under her chin, inciting a high pitched giggled to float out of her.

From up stairs, Harry could hear Hermione squealing and talking about her and Ron’s room, laughing he grabbed his luggage to take upstairs and start unpacking.  

Over the next few days, they all got unpacked and situated in their new home. The golden trio got ready for their first day of school on Monday at the local high school. Ron and Harry had grudgingly agreed with Hermione that now that they were going to be living in the muggle world they would need a muggle education.

They were all three enrolled as seniors at the school after Sirius and Remus created muggle transcripts for them. Hermione was her usual nervous self, worried about the new curriculum and if they were prepared for it. Harry and Ron had to suffer through her reviewing past years of study with them to get them up to where they all needed to be.

Harry himself was nervous because of the simple fact that it had been nearly seven years since he had had to start a new school and this one was muggle at that. He had lived in the wizarding world for so long, not including the few weeks each summer he spent at the Dursleys, that he felt almost out of his element all over again. An American muggle high school was so far removed from the life he had been living that it was basically an entirely different world to him. He hoped that the move had been the right choice…

Author’s Note 2: So I am sure some of you are wondering where I got Lilu’s name from or why I chose it? Well, I’ve always loved that name since I was a little girl and when I was trying to decide what to name her I started thinking about naming her after Harry and Cedric’s mothers. Since Cedric’s mother was never given a first name I chose it myself. Lilu’s actual name is Lily Luciana Potter, but her nickname is Lilu (a combination of both her first and middle name.)Hope you like it… Also, there are photos on the story’s main page for Edward(Cedric), Harry and Lilu, i always liked when authors give me an idea of how they picture their characters looking like. Lilu’s photo is something i ran across a few days ago and it made me smile as it was exactly like i was imagining her. So go check them out!

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Nobody Said it Would be Easy – Chapter 8

Posted by iamaslashaddict on February 13, 2010

Disclaimer: See Prologue.
Rating: NC-17
Author’s Note: Okay, so here is the second to last chapter, all we have left is the epilogue!!! I am so excited to be almost finished. The last chapter is finished except for editing, so I plan on posting it either tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy!

Chapter 8

The events that led to Minster Scrimgeour being removed from office were almost anti-climactic in nature. It was handled through official channels as if just another problem, another issue that needed to be resolved quickly and quietly.

Once President Dennison was briefed on the state of the UK magical community he immediately contacted the Prime Minster of Britain and had a closed door discussion on exactly how much he was displeased with their magical community’s civil war and the fact that it threatened exposure of witches and wizards all over the world, including the United States. The Prime Minister was furious to realize that he had been completely kept in the dark by Minister Scrimgeour on what had been happening within his country over the last few years.

Though the events in the magical community had been very public within that society, it had been carefully covered up to keep the muggle government and public unaware of how bad it was becoming. Minister Scrimgeour used every option he had available to keep his place as the Minister of Magic for as long as he could.

As soon as the Prime Minister was up to date on Scrimgeour’s actions he contacted the Ministry of Magic immediately. Though he was the Prime Minister of Britain there were clear divides on his power within the magical community and he was very aware of it. The UK’s magical community was basically a secret sovereign nation within the UK’s borders, self governed and policed.

From the moment of his contacting the MOM a chain of events led to Scrimgeour’s succinct removal from office. The Wizengamot, hearing of the Prime Minister and American President’s displeasure and veiled threats of action if the situation was not resolved, had an unscheduled meeting. Amelia Bones, Chairwoman of the Wizengamot, brought a motion of no confidence in Minister Scrimgeour and the motion passed 53/19 in favor of removal.

Per a vote of the Wizengamot, a temporary Minister was elected until such time that a proper Minister could be selected; Amelia Bones became the Minister of Magic-Elect shortly thereafter.

(¸.•´ (¸.•´¸.•´¸•´¨)¸.•¨)¸.•´

Two days after Aurors busted into his home, Harry returned with his family in tow. The place was a mess; the back door busted in, furniture broken, two of the walls had plaster and wood blown off of them, glass was broken…

“Dobby be’s cleaning this up, right away Harry Potter Sir!” Dobby said with a gasp after he saw the state of the house.

He quickly began snapping his fingers in a rapid secession; soon the bits of wall lying around the room were gone, soon followed by repair spells mending the broken furniture and the splintered door hanging by one hinge. Within a few minutes it was as if nothing had ever happened and Harry smiled in happily.

“Thank you, Dobby.”

Dobby bobbed his head spastically and blinked his big doe eyes, their surfaces watered slightly at Harry’s words. Over the years Dobby had gotten somewhat used to Harry’s thank you’s and please’s and the like, toning down his all-out balling at any wizard showing him kindness.

“Is there be anything mores needs taking care of Harry Potter Sir?” Dobby squeaked.

“No thank you, Dobby. I think we’ll head off to bed for the night.” Harry said quietly as he held a sleeping Teddy in his arms. Beside him Ginny yawned quietly and nodded her head in agreement. Dobby nodded his head and then aparated away.

“Night Harry, Jack, Daddy…” Ginny yawned again as she headed up to her room.

“See you in the morning.” Arthur said quietly with a kiss on Harry and Teddy’s foreheads and then followed his daughter upstairs.

Jack and Harry walked up the stairs and into Teddy’s bedroom quietly. Placing his son carefully in his bed, Harry covered him up and kissed his forehead and leaned back against Jack’s chest.

“I’m so glad it’s over…” Harry whispered, sighing in pleasure as Jack wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled Harry back tightly against his warmth.

“So am I, baby.” Jack replied as he kissed the nape of Harry’s neck thanking anyone listening for allowing Harry to remain in his life. “Come on let’s get to bed…”

Jack pulled Harry along through the house into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Once within the room, cut off from the rest of the world, Jack turned around and pulled Harry into a tight embrace and breathed in his scent reverently.

“God, I love you so much Harry.”

Harry smiled up at his lover and linked his arms around Jack’s neck. “I love you too, Jack… so much. I never thought I would have this… you, a family… it feels like I’m dreaming sometimes.”

“Well, if you’re maybe dreaming, I definitely am… a young hot lover who loves me and is willing to let me do dirty perverted things to him… yeah, dreaming.” Jack said with a smirk as he cupped Harry’s ass and lifted the young wizard up.

Harry smoothly wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist and held on as Jack carried him over to the bed and laid him down on the soft down comforter. He sighed as Jack’s weight settled over him, pinning his body to the bed. Jack claimed his mouth in a sweet soulful kiss. Their tongues slid erotically against each other’s, the subtle spicy flavor of Harry mingling with Jack’s minty flavor and creating a new completely different one, a flavor only the two lovers could create.

Jack ran his hands down and then back up Harry’s body, as if cataloging every curve and valley to memory. Soon their slow kiss turned into a consuming one and they began ripping and pulling their clothes from each other’s bodies, desperate to touch the other. As Jack pulled the rest of Harry’s clothes from his body, he let his mouth travel down from those pouted cherub lips to the soft skin between Harry’s collarbones to the pointed peeks of those gum drop nipples. He sucked one into the warm cavern of his mouth grinning around it as Harry cried out as it was engulfed.

“Oh merlin, Jack…” Harry moaned, his fingers digging like claws into the bedding below him as he arched his body, trying to get closer to the source of his pleasure.

Jack lifted his mouth from Harry’s nipple and said, “Baby, did you remember to put up the silencing spell?”

“Fuck!” Harry groaned and flicked his wrist and then nodded.

“Didn’t know you could do that wandlessly…”

“Yeah I can, but it’s not second nature so I usually grab my wand before I remember I can do it that way… my wand is way down there on the floor and you are right here… so you do the math.” Harry said with a smirk as he waggled his eyebrows.

Laughing at his lover, Jack leaned down and proceeded to nip and suckle Harry’s other nipple with just as much fervor.

Soon Harry was bucking up against Jack’s mouth and groaning loudly. “Okay, my turn…” Harry said as he flipped Jack over onto his back and proceeded to lick, nip and suck any available body part he could find, all the while making his way down Jack’s body to his target. Once he reached Jack’s cock, Harry nibbled the soft flesh under it, laved the heavy balls with his tongue and groaning at the musky smell of his lover.

“Harry you mouth should be illegal…” Jack sighed in pleasure as he tried to maneuver Harry closer to his dick.

Harry smirked and finally took the tip of Jack’s cock into his mouth, sucking the head deeply and then slowly taking more and more of its length. Soon Harry was deep throating Jack, his head bobbing up and down on the length, moaning at the blissful feeling of Jack’s heavy cock on his tongue.

At Harry’s moan Jack groaned loudly and said, “Baby, you had better stop or this is going to be over quick.”

“Don’t want that.” Harry whispered hoarsely as he let his cock slip from his mouth and worked up Jack’s body, straddling his lap. Lifting up one of Jack’s hands, Harry concentrated pointing his finger at Jack’s fingers and said, “Lubricus.” Jack’s fingers glistened in the bedroom light as the lube appeared. “Stretch me Jack…”

Jack slipped his hand down behind Harry’s ass and found the muscled entrance to Harry’s body. Pushing a finger past the ring of muscle, Jack pushed it in all the way and then pulled it back out again, this time slipping a second finger in with the first.

Harry groaned at the breach of his body, pushing back against the digits pushing back into him. Jack scissored them, slowly stretching Harry’s body, preparing it for him. Soon he slipped a third finger in and Harry cried out, “That’s good enough; please Jack… get in me now!”

“Yes sir!” Jack laughed and pulled his fingers from Harry’s body using the remaining lube to slick his cock and then wiped the excess off onto the sheet below him. Placing his hands on Harry’s hips Jack said, “Okay, baby why don’t you take the reins.”

Grinning, Harry reached behind him and positioned Jack’s cock at his entrance and then slowly seated himself on the stiff member, groaning with each inch that made its way inside him. As Jack bottomed out, Harry leaned down to place his hands on Jack’s chest and rolled his hips and smirked as Jack groaned, his hands tightening on Harry. Using his thigh muscles to lift himself up, Jack’s cock slowly slid out of Harry’s ass and then just before it was out completely Harry pushed back down onto Jack and it slid slowly back inside. He did this a few times giggling evilly each time Jack groaned at the slow pace torturing him.

“Having fun?”

“Immensely!” Harry smirked and then squeaked in surprise as Jack flipped them over.

“My turn now…” Jack grinned down at his lover and then pulled out and slammed his cock back inside Harry, his grin widening at Harry’s scream of pleasure. Thrusting deeper into his lover, their groans mingled as their orgasm slowly crept closer and closer. Sliding a hand down in between their bodies, Jack wrapped a hand around Harry’s cock and started jacking it, groaning at the mews coming from Harry.

He thrust over and over into Harry, their breaths syncing with each groan and sigh. Harry wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist and thrust his fingers into Jack’s hair, pulling him down for another searing kiss. When Jack flicked his finger around the tip of Harry’s cock, Harry ripped his mouth from Jack’s and yelled in rapture as his orgasm overtook him. His cock erupted with warm gooey cum and his body seized up in bliss. From above him Jack groaned as Harry pulled him with him, tumbling over into oblivion and shooting his seed into Harry’s waiting body.

As their bodies cooled down, Jack’s cock slipped out of Harry. Lying down beside Harry, Jack pulled him into his arms and nuzzled his messy raven locks and leaned down to kiss his Cupid’s bow lips.

“Mmmm… that was great, Jack.” Harry murmured as he laid an arm across Jack’s waist and rested his head on his lover’s sweaty chest.

Jack, his breath slowly coming back to him, nodded in agreement and smiled at Harry. “Always is with you.”

Harry smirked and then fluttered his eyelashes coyly. “Oh you flatterer you…” Snuggling closer to Jack Harry whispered, “Love you, Jack.”

“Love you too, baby.” Jack said softly as he pulled Harry in for another kiss.

(¸.•´ (¸.•´¸.•´¸•´¨)¸.•¨)¸.•´

A few days later Jack and Harry had SG-1, Dr. Fraiser and General Hammond over for a barbeque to celebrate Harry’s staying in America.

Everyone was outside save Harry and Jack who were in the kitchen sneaking a kiss before bring out the meat to throw on the grill. Wrapping his arms around Jack’s neck, Harry stood up on his tiptoes and pressed his lips against Jack’s. “I’m glad we did this, Arthur and Ginny need to meet more people and socialize with more than just us. It’s good for them after everything that’s happened…”

“It was a good idea…” Jack mused as he grazed his lips against Harry’s.

A throat cleared from behind them and Harry quickly pulled himself from Jack’s arms and found General Hammond watching them with an amused smile on his face. “Colonel, Harry… I just came into see if I could help bring anything out.”

“Um… General Hammond… this isn’t what it looks like…” Harry began.

“Oh, I thought it was pretty clear to me.”

“Sir… I… shit…” Jack said, but didn’t know what to say. General Hammond was his friend, but he was also his CO and he had been caught kissing another man in front of him.

“Save it Colonel, I’m not going to condemn you for loving another man, besides you won’t have to wait much longer and you’ll be able to do it freely and out in the open.”


“The President has been over the last few months revising the UCMJ. As this is his second term in office and he only has a little over two years left, he feels he should go out with a bang or so he says. It won’t go into effect for a year or so as its still in the preliminary phase, but soon this won’t even be an issue.” General Hammond said with a smile.

“Thank you sir, I love the Air Force, but if it came down to it… I love Harry more.” Jack said with a thankful look on his face.

“Nothing to it, Colonel… So was there anything you needed help bringing outside?”

Harry cleared his throat and nodded. “Why don’t you take out the chips and dip for everyone to snack on while the meat is cooking.”

The older man smiled, his face softening slightly as he looked down at Harry, then nodded and took the food outside.

“Oh my god Jack…” Harry moaned as he leaned against the counter behind him. “That could have been very bad.”

“Fuck!” Jack breathed. “We’re going to have to be a little more careful until the new UCMJ takes effect…”

“Well, at least Janet is the only one who doesn’t know. We are careful in the mountain already; we’ll just have to pay closer attention when Janet is with us outside of the mountain.” Harry said.

It was quiet for a while as they looked at each other, their faces slowly morphing into full on grins.

“Jack in a year or so we won’t have to hide anymore… we can walk outside hold hands, kiss, officially live together…”

“I know baby… first thing I’m gonna do when that happens is marry you!”

“Oh yeah, who says I’ll say yes.” Harry laughed.

“Come one, who can resist this!” Jack replied gesturing to himself.

“You are pretty irresistible…” Harry murmured as his eyes dilated, eyelashes growing heavy with desire.

“Ah Ahh, none of that until we’re married mister. What do you think I am, easy?”

Twenty minutes later, Jack stood at the grill flipping the meat occasionally and trying without success to keep his eyes off his young lover as Teddy and he built a sandcastle in the sandbox there in the backyard. Harry looked amazing in a pair of old faded and ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt. His laugh carried over the yard as Teddy dumped a bucket of sand in his lap and giggled.

It was startling how much they had come to mean to him and for a moment he felt a deep ache in his chest. Charlie and Sara had been his life for so long and when his life had fallen apart he had felt like nothing would ever mean anything again. Then he had found a purpose if not a life that meant something and for a long time that had sustained him and then a nineteen year old smart mouthed wizard had walked into his life and changed everything.

He didn’t know what he would do if he ever lost them… he knew he wouldn’t survive it, not after losing Charlie so long ago. There was war going on around them and bigger enemies turning up every day, but as long as he had them, protected them, he would be okay.

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A Love to Beat the Darkness Back – Chapter 7

Posted by iamaslashaddict on December 31, 2009

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Minor talk about male pregnancy birth with mildly squeamish description, the usual m/m/m explicit sex scenes and language.
A/N: I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to post… the holidays were so hectic and now I’m moving… But anyways, here is a new update, enjoy. Remember, reviews are manna from heaven for this author!

Chapter 7

The next morning Harry woke to his ever present morning ritual. He quietly closed the door to the bathroom just before last night’s dinner of a burger and fries made a reappearance. With a grimace he, rinsed out his mouth and then quickly brushed his teeth before leaving the bathroom.

In the kitchen he searched the cupboards for a tea kettle then set it to boil for a soothing cuppa. It was still early in the morning and he figured Sam and Dean would sleep for a least a little while longer, though not too long. Both hunters seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to Harry leaving the bed while they slept.

After they had talked with Bobby last night, they had all gone to bed. Sam, Dean and Harry had taken the spare bedroom and had quickly passed out. After nearly two days on the road stopping only for food, fuel and a bathroom break, they were more than ready for a good night’s sleep. When he had woken up earlier he had been unable to keep back the smile that had lit up his face. Sam and Dean’s hands during the night had migrated to Harry’s stomach, as if cradling the tiny life growing inside him.

He still couldn’t believe he was having a baby… to think that had had always imagined that finding out that magic existed and that he was a wizard would be the strangest thing to ever happened to him. Now, that seemed to pale in comparison to the fact that he was a pregnant man.

Merlin, what would the Dursleys say to hearing that? He snorted in amusement thinking about his uncle’s reaction to that bit of news, a pregnant ‘freak’ of a nephew. Hearing a quiet thump of shoes on carpet Harry turned thinking Bobby had woken up to find a strange man standing at the entrance of the kitchen. Quickly whipping out his wand he said, “Who the bloody hell are you?”

The man chuckled in amusement and dropped the duffle bag in his hand to the floor. “So you’re the wizard that my sons have taken up with?” He held his body relaxed, slightly leaning against the doorjamb completely unphased by Harry’s wand pointed at him. He gave him a calculated perusal from feet to hair with a cock of his eyebrow.

“Aw, so you’re the arse they call dad…” Harry mused just as the tea kettle began to whistle. Harry tucked his wand back into his jeans pocket and turned to take the kettle off the stove. “Care for a cup of tea?”

He kept his voice even and relaxed, but in his mind questions were whirling around like a fervent tornado. He knew that the legendary John Winchester was a force to be reckoned with and was not to be taken lightly. Harry wondered why he was there. It had been close to two months since John had found out about Harry and his sons’ relationship and they hadn’t heard a peep from him.

“Sure.” John replied as he took a seat at the kitchen table and relaxed his tall muscled frame.

Harry could see where his lovers got their looks from… John Winchester, even in his late forties was distractingly handsome. He had a few days growth of beard on his face and a tired look in his eyes, no doubt from long nights on the road and non-stop hunting, but he was still very appealing.

As Harry poured two cups with hot water and dunked a tea bag in each he spoke. “I’m guessing from your lack of hostility you’ve done your research on me?”

“I contacted a few people and they were able to fill me in.” John answered as he took the offered cup of tea. He was quiet for a bit, a smirk on his road weary face. “It seems you’ve led a similar life to my boys…”

“Somewhat… we’ve all three had parents taken from us and killed by an evil being and all. We grew facing down evil on a daily basis… I can relate to them and it keeps me from being a hindrance to them while they hunt.” Harry said with a shrug as he took a seat at the table. Not one to beat around the bush he spoke again. “So, why exactly are you here? I don’t want them to have to put up with any bloody crap right now; we have enough to deal with…”

“Talking about the vision?”John said gruffly as he took a drink of his tea.

“Among other things…”

“What things?” He asked, his body tightening in alertness as he spoke.

“What did Dean tell you about the vision?”

“You were bound on an altar; someone was pouring blood on your stomach. A fight was goin’ on around you; Sammy and Dean were trying to get to you… That’s about it.” John frowned at the look Harry gave him. “There something he left out?”

“Maybe not left out, so much as didn’t know about…” Harry responded with a snort. “Not like they expected it… me either for that matter…” Taking a sip from his tea, Harry took a moment to gather his thoughts. Having to tell his lovers’ father that he was pregnant with his grandchild wasn’t something he’d ever have imagined doing before today. “Did you know male wizard’s, though extremely rare, are capable of becoming pregnant?”

John Winchester frowned in confusion at that fact, leaning back in his chair he was about to ask what the hell he was talking about when it clicked in his brain. “You’re pregnant?!”

“Surprise, you’re going to be a grandpa…” Harry said dryly with a smirk as he took another drink of his tea.

“Holy shit!” The older man set his drink down with a solid thump on the table, his face pulled into a mask of confusion, alarm and then fear. “You’re pregnant in the vision… it’s about the baby.” His voice was quiet and steady even if he didn’t look it. The words were less of a question and more stating a fact than anything.

“Yes… I’m a very powerful wizard and any child of mine would more than likely be powerful as well. Add in the fact that Sam has a fifty percent chance of being the baby’s biological father and it’s very likely that this baby will have magical power and gifts that we can’t even imagine.”


“The yellow eyed demon?” Harry asked with a frown.

“Yeah. Been tracking him for years now, he’s always a step or two ahead of me and I get there just a little too late for the party. This has him written all over it.” John scowled in anger at the fact that his unborn grandchild was in danger.

“Well, there is a silver lining… the vision took place while I was very pregnant, so it won’t happen for at least another few months.”

“How far along are you?”

“About three months or so…” Harry said with a small smile as he placed his hands over his flat stomach. He hadn’t begun to show yet, but it wouldn’t be long before he began growing to make room for the baby.

“What are you doing here?” Said a voice from the hall.

Turning around, Harry and John saw Sam and Dean standing just at the entrance to the kitchen.

“Bobby called me, told me to stop being an ‘idjit’ and make it right.” John said avoiding their eyes in embarrassment. Harry rolled his eyes, just like Dean… emotionally repressed. “I was gonna’ do it already, but he threatened to shoot my ass if I didn’t do it soon.”

It was quiet in the kitchen for a little while and Harry sighed in annoyance. “Great, now that that’s taken care of, your dad here’s got a line on who might be after me.”

“Who?” Sam asked as he stepped into the room.


“Who?” Dean questioned with a frown, following Sam into the room. The both of them leaned down and kissed Harry good morning. To all of their surprise, John didn’t even blink.

“The YED, that’s its name. I found out a while back.” John took another drink and then spoke again. “We’re gonna’ have to step up our game if we’re going to be ready when he comes.”

“We?” Sam asked a bit harshly.

Harry took that as his queue to take his leave. “I’ll be taking a shower while you three kiss and make up.” Harry smiled cheekily and then walked out of the room.

John chuckled as he watched Harry leave. “I think I like him.”

“Oh, so now you approve all of a sudden?” Sam bit out as he glared at his father.

“Sam, it wasn’t about not approving… well, not all of it. Harry was an unknown and a threat to you and I wanted to make sure he was who he said he was… As for the rest, well I know I didn’t react well, but I had just found out that both of my boys liked men and each other… how the hell did you expect me to react?”

Sam’s glare softened a little at his father’s words, but not completely. “You just left, I called you and you ignored me and just jumped in the truck and left.”

“I know I didn’t handle it well and I’m sorry, but I was shocked and was liable to say something I didn’t really mean. It was better that I left and cooled off.”

“So now that you’ve cooled off?” Dean questioned quietly. “Sam, Dean and I are a packaged deal Dad; you want us you have to except him as well.”

“After I left, I was angry for a while, but once was cooled off I made some calls. A few contacts filled me in on who Harry is. Most seemed to believe he was the second coming for how they talked about him. They didn’t sugar coat it so I know about how powerful he is and how their government think he’s a danger… I wasn’t sure about him until this morning.” John grinned at his boys and spoke again. “I think he’s just what you two need. Like he told me, he’s more than capable of taking care of himself and not tripping you up during a hunt. It took a while for me to get around the fact that you three were together, but I don’t have a problem anymore.”

“And Sammy and me? You gonna’ have a problem with that?”

John looked Dean in the eye when he spoke. “It was hard, realizing that you two had that kinda relationship… knowing my raising you helped it.” Sam started to speak and John held up his hand to stop him. “I know I wasn’t the best father to you boys and I’m sorry about that. I tried, but I let my anger and want for vengeance cloud things. You had to depend on each other because I wasn’t there for you, didn’t protect you like I should have. I saw your love of each other as a glaring testament to how much I failed you and it hurt.”

“Dad it’s not that simple…” Sam said.

“I know it’s not, but then I thought it was. Over the last two months i’ve been thinking about it and though I don’t understand it, I accept it. Our lives are hard and being Winchesters we don’t make it any easier, but I figure you’re lucky to find not only one person, but two who understand it and are capable of living it. If it just so happens it be with your brother… I can live with it. Just as long as there isn’t any full on groping in my view, I’ll be fine.”

Sam and Dean laughed at the grimace on their father’s face and the tension in the room fled away.


For the next month their lives continued on, all of them researching and making contacts trying to get a lead on Azazel and what he was up to, however little was found. The only solid lead was a gun said to be able to kill anything, even a demon, but they had turned up nothing on its location so far.

Harry and his lovers went for his appointment with the doctor Bobby had told them about. The doctor had done a few preliminary tests once getting over the shock of a pregnant man and had said Harry and the baby seemed to be doing well. She prescribed some prenatal vitamins and diet and an exercise regimen.

John who had spent twenty odd years on the road got a little antsy now and then and would leave for a few days for a hunt nearby or a lead on the YED. But he always came back within a few days much to the surprise of all. It seemed that the eldest Winchester took to the news of becoming a grandfather with pride and was nearly as attentive to Harry and the growing baby as Sam and Dean.

Harry’s lovers found this a bit unnerving growing up with what they felt was more of a general than a father, but Harry found it amusing and very sweet. To see such a gruff and hard edged man making sure he ate right, kept well rested, didn’t overexert himself… it was contradiction in so many ways. The young wizard had a feeling it was John’s way of trying to give back to his sons, at least giving his grandchild what he had failed to give his own children.

Late one night as everyone lay in their beds for the night Dean spoke. “Baby, got a question for ya… how exactly is the baby going to get out?”

Sam upon hearing Dean speak nodded in question as well.

“Er… to be honest, I’ve been trying to not think about it, but I know it’s not practical or smart to be doing that.” Harry answered with a frown. “I think I’m going to have to go to a local wizarding community and get a few books on wizard pregnancies. I know there’s not a lot of information, but there has to be at least that…”

“Won’t you be recognized?” Sam asked with a frown.

“I’ll put on a heavy glamour and mask my features so they won’t know it’s me. It’s not a long term solution, but it’ll do for just a quick trip into that world. There’s a wizarding market in Kansas City that we can go to that should have what I need.”

They next day they took the Impala for a short trip to Kansas City. It took most of the morning to get there and when they finally arrived at Kansas City’s version of Diagon Alley, called Blackdweller Square, Sam and Dean couldn’t help but stare in wonder. As hunters of the supernatural they had seen a lot, but never so much out in the open and glaringly real.

The American wizarding community had become a bit more modern, but still held a great deal of the old world charm the prevailed in Europe. Old buildings that had been there for close to two hundred years held shops of all names and varieties, all strange and unfamiliar to the Winchester men. Witches and wizards abounded, dressed in both modern clothes such as jeans and t-shirts as well as the more traditional clothes such as robes.

After walking for a bit and allowing his lovers to see the sights, Harry led them to a large book shop called Blackdweller’s Book Emporium. Once walking into the shop, Sam’s eyes seemed to glaze over at the massive collection of tomes that held so much knowledge and information that he didn’t have access to. Dean rolled his eyes and followed Harry while Sam chose a section on magical creatures to peruse.

“Here we go… You and your Colon: A Wizard’s Guide to Better Health… Magical Maladies and Healer’s Secrets…” Harry skimmed the titles hearing Dean laughing in the background as some were unintentionally funny and then he found one. “Pregnancies: Myths and Realities. Okay this might be what I need.”

Opening the book, Harry browsed the index and saw a chapter on male pregnancies. Grabbing that he also grabbed a few books on female pregnancy health and a few dealing with the time after that baby had been born. Harry didn’t have any experience with babies… the thought scared him a bit as he hadn’t had a good childhood anyways, adding no experience caring for babies and it was a heady combination.

“Okay, I think I’ve got everything I need for now.”

Dean nodded and placed a hand on the small of Harry’s back and led him over to Sam who had a tall stack of books in his arms.

“These are filled with information on demons and magical creatures and also rituals and sacrifices… I thought they might come in handy with the researching about the vision.” Sam said with a smile.

Harry laughed at the sparkle of excitement in Sam’s eyes and walked with them to the counter to ring everything up. As the clerk tallied everything Sam reached for his wallet and Harry stopped him. “It’s a different kind of pay here…” Reaching into his messenger bag, Harry pulled out a small cloth pouch and pulled out a handful of Galleons to pay for the books.

Leaving the shop Dean spoke. “You pulled out a handful of those coins, but the bag looks just as full. How did you do that?”

“A friend gave it to me a long time ago… it’s spelled to not open to anybody, but me and a few years ago I added a spell to enlarge the inside of the bag. It’ll hold a hundred times it originally would have.” Harry said with a small sad smile. “He was killed early on in the war… Hagrid was a half-giant and my first friend in the wizarding world. He was kind and thoughtful and he didn’t deserve to die… he jumped in front of a killing curse meant for me when I was fifteen…”

Dean silently wrapped an arm around Harry while Sam kissed him softly on the forehead, trying to comfort their lover.

“I think I’m ready to go… this isn’t my world anymore.” Harry stated softly.

On the drive back to Bobby’s Sam and Harry read most of the way. Sam with his book on demons and Harry with his book on male pregnancies.

“Huh.” Harry murmured.

“What?” Dean asked as he turned to look at his lovers. Both had their noses firmly pushed into each of their books.

“It says that male pregnancies are fairly similar to female ones… The same health needs and diet, but towards the end it changes. A birth canal will form… oh merlin, seriously!” Harry moaned as he stopped reading.

Sam lifted his head from his book and turned to Harry. “What does it say?”

“Apparently, a birth canal forms between the perineum and the testicles shortly before the birth. It says it is an indicator that the baby is near to the birth and in all recorded cases it has appeared no later than three weeks before the birth.” Harry eyes seemed to widen as he read the next part, gulping heavily as he did so. “The canal is a bit smaller than a vagina and it is recommended that stretching take place as soon as it appears to reduce tearing.”

“Stretching?” Dean asked.

“Sex, Dean.” Sam said with a chuckle.

“Oh… well, we’ll have to get on that as soon as it happens.”

“Pervert… you’re just excited that it’ll be even tighter than my arse!” Harry mumbled. “Oh god… tearing?!”

Sam wrapped and arm around his smaller lover and kissed his neck. “We’ll slowly stretch it like we do your ass and the doctor will give you an epidural for pain. Besides you liked me fisting you… it’s somewhat similar…”

“Yeah, but I was getting a handjob and kissing Dean, that’s a little different Sam.” Harry stated dryly.

“Okay you got me there, but women and a few men have been having babies for thousands of years, it’ll be fine.”


Soon Harry’s lower stomach began to round, showing the ever growing baby within. All three seemed to have a fascination with touching it at random times, each still amazed that a tiny life was being nurtured inside of Harry’s body.

A few weeks after their trip to Kansas City Harry found a spell in one of his books that showed a 3D image of the baby. He was four and a half months pregnant and figured the baby would have begun to show definition by that point.

“Dean sit down, you’re making me nervous. It’ll just be a second.” Harry growled as he palmed his wand, read the incantation quietly and then pointed his wand at his stomach and spoke it. “Fetus Corpus Imago.”

Above his stomach a pale golden image formed and within it were two forms that were both about five inches long.

“Am I seeing that right? Are there two…” Dean voice fizzled out as he watched the image in front of them.

The two fetuses inside of Harry’s stomach had begun to take shape. Slightly undefined arms and legs and facial features had started to show. They were mushed together, umbilical cords running from each baby to two placentas attached to the outer wall of the image.

“Their twins…” Harry murmured as he looked at the first image of his children. “We’re having twins…”

They all sat in a daze looking at the image. Slowly they began to smile, the shock had worn off and in its place was wonder and awe. A grin blossomed on Dean’s face and he jumped up and slammed open the door and ran down the hall.

“Dad, Bobby… come here.” He yelled as he looked around the house for them.

“What it is?” Bobby yelled as he ran into the kitchen, a sawed off shotgun in hand, John not far behind him.

“You gotta’ come see, Harry did this spell that shows an image of the babies…” Dean said excitedly as he ran back into their bedroom.

“There ain’t an attack?” Bobby yelled as he followed Dean. “Damn idjit, should shoot yer ass…”

They walked into the bedroom to where Harry lay on the bed, Sam sitting beside him, both captivated by the picture in front of them. Dean immediately went back to his place beside his lovers and stared at the image with a glowing smile as he took Harry’s hand.

“Did you say babies?” John said as he stepped closer to the bed.

“Harry’s having twins, Dad.” Sam grinned not talking his eyes off of his babies.

John smiled and said, “Damn, did good boys…”

“Are they far enough along to see what sex they are?” Sam asked as he lightly took Harry’s hand and smiled at him.

“Um… yeah, I think I saw a spell in here somewhere…” Harry said absently as he thumbed through the book. Once finding it he spoke the incantation and beside the image of the babies was a list similar to the one that first told them he was pregnant. It stated the health of the babies and their sexes. “A boy and a girl!”

“Congratulations boys…” Bobby said with a smile on his age worn face.


***Warning… hot dirty threesome about to take place…***

“Ughh… god…” Murmured Harry as he watched Sam’s fingers move in and out of Dean’s hole.

Dean was lying on his back; legs spread wide moaning in abandon as Sam finger fucked him. Harry lay on the bed beside Dean, head opposite of his eldest lover and eagerly watched him being prepared for Sam’s cock. Dean’s hand moved fluidly up and down on Harry’s cock, pulling the flesh expertly and bringing him ever closer to the brink.

Pulling his fingers from Dean’s body, Sam used the excess to slick up his cock. Positioning the head, Sam then slid inside in one smooth thrust. Below him Dean groaned as his hand on Harry’s cock stalled for a moment and then increased speed, inciting Harry’s mews. Reaching his free hand up, Dean wrapped it around the nape of Sam’s neck and pulled him down for a deep penetrating kiss. They both moaned as their tongues dueled violently, slipping and sliding around each other as Sam began to thrust in and out of his brother’s body.

“Sammy… please…” Dean whispered as he undulated beneath Sam, moving his body in perfect sync with his lover.

“What do you want, Dean? Tell me…” Sam groaned as he nipped Dean’s throat, licking the skin as it turned pink.

“Harder… not a girl, Samantha… fuck me harder!” Dean yelled.

Sam grinned evilly down at his brother and slowed the pace and said, “Shouldn’t have said that Dean… now I’m gonna’ make you work for it.”

Harry laughed beside them and then hissed in pleasure as Dean’s grip on his cock tightened.

“Don’t take his side Harry; I’m the one with a hand on your dick!” Dean growled as he and squeezed tightly to prove a point.

“Okay, okay… Sammy, fuck him harder for me… please…” Harry said with a pout as he stared up at Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes and then began pounding into Dean, their groans mingling in the room as they grew closer to heaven.

“That’s more like it…” Dean cried as his body tensed and his cock began to erupt.

Groaning in pleasure as Dean’s hole tightened almost painfully around his dick. Sam thrusted four more times and then shouted as his body reached orgasm and filled Dean’s ass with warm wet cum. From beside them Harry crossed the threshold, crying out in bliss as he came, spilling over onto his dick and protruding stomach.

Their bodies began to cool and after a few minutes Dean turned towards Harry and began lapping at the cooling cum on his belly, a satisfied grin on his face. As Harry began to get larger, Dean developed a new kink, licking cum off of his pregnant belly.

***End of Sex scene***

From beyond their bedroom door Sam heard Bobby in the kitchen starting breakfast for all of them. “Oh crap, did you put up the silencing spell, Harry?”

“Yeah, I’m not going to forget something like that… like I want your father and Bobby hearing us have sex!” Harry said with a grimace.

“Dad’s been pretty good, don’t know what he’d do if he heard us going at it…” Dean said with a laugh as he got up out of bed and offered Harry a hand to get up. At close to six months pregnant with the twins he was starting to have trouble moving around, especially getting up from the bed.

“You’re having more trouble getting out of bed lately.” Dean mused as Harry groaned as he was pulled up.

“It is kinda low…” Sam said with a frown. “I’ll talk to Bobby and see what he says about raising it.”

“I was thinking about a new bed all together, bigger too… maybe in a place of our own?” Dean said.

“You want to move out?” Harry asked trying to hide his excitement. He had been feeling closed in lately. Bobby’s house wasn’t big, only a two bedroom one bath home and with five adults and two babies on the way, it seemed to be getting smaller by the day.

“It was a thought… the twins are gonna’ be here in a few months and I thought we’d need more room.” Dean nodded and then looked at Sam.

“I like it… dad might have a problem… mothering hen!” Sam laughed.

Dean quirked an eyebrow at his brother and said, “Oh and that wasn’t you the other day having a hissy fit because you were worried Harry forgot his prenatal vitamins?”



Harry rolled his eyes. “Okay, so it’s agreed, we’ll start looking for a place to live… I’ve got money buy a house and furnish-”

“Uh un… you can contribute, but you’re not paying for the entire house.” Dean said stubbornly as they began to get dressed. “We’ll find a place that we can make payments on and Sammy and me’ll find jobs to pay our share. Besides, we already talked about quitting hunting, so we need to find something to keep from going batshit during the days.”

“Awww… isn’t that romantic!” Harry said sarcastically as he pulled his robe on and walked towards the door. “Damn stupid Winchester pride…”

Sam and Dean smiled as Harry walked down the hall mumbling as he went.

“How’d we get so lucky, Sammy?”

“Karma?” Sam said with a shrug as he followed Harry out the door.


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Nobody Said it Would be Easy – Chapter 6

Posted by iamaslashaddict on December 30, 2009

Disclaimer: See Prologue.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Okay… I am sooo sorry this took so long to post. With Thanksgiving and Christmas and now being in the process of getting ready to move, I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to write much lately. Also, my muse kind of took a vacation for a while, the bitch! ***Blushes*** Anyways, here is another chapter and I hope you enjoy. Remember, reviews make this author very happy!

Chapter 6

Harry woke to the blissful feeling of being wrapped in Jack’s arms. Spooned behind him, Jack had one arm under Harry’s neck flung towards the edge of the bed, while the other snaked around Harry’s waist and rested palm down on Harry’s lower stomach. Jack’s face was nuzzled into the nape of Harry’s neck, warm breath puffing in and out as he slept.

Smiling, Harry placed his hand over the one on his stomach and rubbed it lightly as the cobwebs of sleep began receding from his mind. In Jack’s arms he felt safe and secure, warm and fuzzy and assured of Jack’s love. The intimacy of being held in his lover’s arms while they slept was just as powerful for him as welcoming Jack inside his body. It was almost indescribable… as if nothing in the world could touch him if Jack held him in his arms.

Last night had been everything Harry wanted and more; loving words and conversations late into the night about the future, as well as thrusting bodies, warm lips, questing fingers and dirty words… He had never felt this way before, had never loved anyone this way before and ecstatically happy, because Jack was his first in so many different ways.

“What are you smiling about?” Jack asked with a sleepy smile as he maneuvered over Harry’s body.

Harry gave Jack a blinding smile and as Jack maneuvered Harry onto his back and then crawled on top of him and into the space between his spread legs. “Just thinking about last night…” Harry lifted his head and took Jack’s mouth in a lazy kiss as wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck. “…about what it felt like with you inside me… your cock fucking me… feeling you cumming inside my arse…”

Groaning at Harry’s words, Jack’s thrust down against Harry as his morning wood became so hard it was nearly painful. “God baby, you’ve got a dirty mouth.” Jack grinned devilishly as Harry wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist. “I think I like it…”

Harry laughed and then gasped as he felt Jack’s hands slide under him and grip his arse. Biting Jack’s jaw, he then licked the tender skin afterward, travelling along the length of the jaw. He carded his hand through his lover’s salt and pepper hair and groaned as Jack slipped a hand in between their bodies to wrap around Harry’s cock.

They ground against each other, slow moving thrusts as if they had all the time in the world, their cries mixing together as their bodies moved. Jack leaned down and began sucking the mark on Harry’s skin from the night before and growling as it darkened even more, a clear claim of who he belonged to. He felt his cock sliding perfectly along the crack of Harry’s beautifully pale ass and wanted to be inside it, pounding into his body.

Pulling back, Jack fumbled around for Harry’s wand and handed it to his frowning lover. “Lube my fingers, Harry.” Harry quickly said the spell and grinned up at Jack as his lover lowered his fingers to begin stretching Harry’s body.

“Ummmm…”Harry moaned as he felt the first finger enter him. It was slick and warm, slipping into Harry without much resistance. Jack thrust the finger in and out of Harry, soon adding another to it as he scissored them, stretching the tight hole. “Please Jack… ughh… its good enough; get your cock in me!”

Jack laughed and pulled his fingers from Harry and then used the remaining lube to cover his cock. Lining up his length to Harry’s ass, he slid into his lover in one powerful thrust and groaned at the intense heat and tightness that surrounded him.

“Ahhhh!” Harry screamed in ecstasy as he felt Jack’s dick slam into him to the hilt. His fingers gripped Jack’s back as he felt his lover pull back out and then slam forward again, hitting his prostate dead on. It was exquisite; the combination of pleasure from his prostate being stimulated and the slightly burning pain of the large cock inside his small hole… it was almost too much. “Ummm, please… please…” He wasn’t even sure what he was pleading for… for Jack to stop or to keep pounding into his willing body. He felt his body begin to tense, orgasm on the horizon and keened as his body began to sing in pleasure.

“Harry you are so god dammed beautiful…”Harry had his head thrown back, his throat exposed and nearly glowing in the morning sunlight. He was breath taking. Jack moaned as he thrust faster and faster into Harry as he returned a hand to Harry’s cock and began to jerk it roughly. “That’s it baby… come on my cock!”

At the words Harry’s body took the dive, heading full force into a blinding explosion that took the breath from his body as his cock erupted in a long stream of seed that covered Jack’s hand and Harry’s stomach.

Jack felt Harry’s hole tightened around him, milking him across the threshold and he shouted as he felt his cock burst, flooding Harry’s body with his cum. His strength gave out on him and he collapsed down onto the bed, maneuvering so that he didn’t crush Harry as he came down. Lying on his back, he pulled Harry against him until his smaller lover was nearly on top of him, heading resting on his sweat dampened chest.

Closing his eyes, he laid there while his heart slowed down and his breath returned to normal. Beside him, Harry nuzzled his face into the sparse hair on his chest and kissed the skin sporadically. Jack ran his hands along the curve of Harry’s spine and smiled at the mew it induced. A soft buzzing filled their ears and Harry rose up to go see Teddy who had just awakened.

“No, I’ll get him. Why don’t you take a shower while I get Teddy and go start breakfast?” Jack said as he got out of the bed and pulled his jeans on.

“Ok.” Harry said with a peaceful smile as he slowly rose from the bed and came around the side as Jack pulled on his shirt. Leaning up on his tip toes, Harry wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck and gave him a slow sensual kiss and then walked towards the bathroom.

“God you’re a tease… getting me all worked up like that!” Jack groaned as he adjusted his cock that had begun to harden again. Harry looked over his shoulder and gave Jack sultry look and laughed. “Go baby, before I make you follow through on that look!” Jack growled as he walked out of the room.

“Hey buddy… Finally decide to get up?” Jack said as he walked into Teddy’s room to see him standing in his crib. Teddy gave a wide grin as he saw Jack. He was one of the cutest babies Jack had ever seen. His pink hair was a mess of cowlicks against his head, sticking in all different directions. He had on a pair of light blue pj’s with cars on them, his little tummy sticking out slightly between the top and the pants.

“Jaak!” He squealed excitedly as he swung his arms in the air. Having let go of the crib’s rail, he lost his balance and fell on his diaper padded bottom.

“Uh-oh…” Jack laughed at the surprised look on the toddler’s face and reached in and picked him up. “Alright there Teddy?” Teddy gave a quick smile and grabbed Jack’s shirt as Jack held him in his arms. “Come on let’s go and make some breakfast.”

Tromping down the stairs, Jack soon entered the kitchen. “So what sounds good for breakfast?”

Teddy gave a thoughtful look and then grinned. “Pa’cakes?”

“You had pancakes yesterday… aren’t cha’ getting sick of them, buddy?” Jack chuckled. Pancakes were Teddy’s favorite meal whether it was breakfast or not.

“Nope… pa’cakes!”

“Ok, but if your daddy complains, you’re taking the blame. Got it bucko?” Jack stated as he tickled Teddy.

Teddy squealed in glee as he was tickled. “Nooo Jaak….”

Jack blew a raspberry against Teddy’s exposed tummy and then set him in his high chair. Grabbing a sippy cup and filling it with milk, he gave it to Teddy. Turning, he went to go to the pantry to get the ingredients for pancakes and found Arthur Weasley sitting at the table in the breakfast nook. The elder Weasley had a small smile on his face as he took a sip of his tea. “Morning Arthur, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, thank you. I checked on Ginny a couple of times, but she was sleeping peacefully.”

“That’s good.” Jack continued on to the pantry and quickly pulled out what he needed. “Had breakfast yet, I was about to fix some pancakes for Teddy here?”

“I would love some, thank you. Do you need any help?” Arthur asked as he put down his tea and began to rise.

“No, I’m good. You just enjoy your tea; I know how much you English like your tea.” Jack said with a smile as he started mixing the batter.

A companionable silence filled the room as Jack cooked.

“So how long have you known Harry?” Arthur said casually.

“I met him the day after he came here. He and Teddy had just come back from shopping. Harry was walking Teddy to the house and tripped when a dog startled them… he cussed like a sailor when he realized he twisted his ankle.” Jack laughed. “I helped him bring Teddy inside and took care of him and Teddy while he rested his foot and we kinda took it from there.”

“Ah… and you know about where Harry came from?”

“Not at first… he kept that a secret for quite a while. It was only in the last month or so that I found out about Harry and Teddy being wizards.” Jack began frying up some bacon and eggs while the pancakes cooked. “There was a burglar who broke into the house. I saw the guy sneak into the house and followed him inside with a few of my co-workers and Harry disabled him with a couple of spells in front of us.”

Arthur nodded his head and took another drink. “And your intentions in regards to Harry and Theodore?”

Jack stopped mid flip of a pancake and looked up at the older man. He had expected the question, just not so soon. He had known it was coming; Arthur thought of Harry as his son and would want to know that the Jack wouldn’t hurt them. “I love Harry and Teddy very much… I am not able to have an open relationship because of regulations in the American military, but I will take very good care of them and I hope that soon one way or another I’ll be able to have a public relationship with him.”

Arthur sat quietly for a moment and continued to look at Jack and then nodded his head as if he reached a decision. “Good.”

The next ten minutes Jack and Arthur talked as Teddy played with his food and babbled to himself. Just as Jack finished cooking breakfast, Harry walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, Mr. Weasley. Did you sleep alright?” Harry said with a suppressed yawn as he kissed Teddy on the forehead while ruffling his hair.

“Better than I have in a while. I got up a few times to check on Ginny, but she seems to be healing well, I am so relieved. Thank you Harry, I don’t know what we would have done if Dobby hadn’t known to bring us to you.” Mr. Weasley’s voice caught at the end of the sentence, his eyes watering slightly in restrained emotion.

Harry walked over to the Weasley Patriarch and hugged him tightly. “You and Ginny are my family and I’m glad I can help. Before I came down stairs I checked on Ginny and she is doing well, I am going to have her sleep for another day or so to allow her body to heal, but she should recover fully.”

“Thank you again, Harry. I don’t know what I would have done if Ginny…” He broke off suddenly, his voice breaking at the thought of losing his daughter.

“She’s doing great and shouldn’t have any problems. I’ll keep an eye on her for the next few weeks, but I don’t anticipate any problems.” Harry said gently after a few quiet moments. “Besides, I love having you here… you get to meet Jack and Teddy missed you so much.”

“We’re not in your way are we…? Staying here I mean?” Mr. Weasley asked quickly.

“No, not at all, I actually thought about asking you to come with me when I left, but I knew the Burrow would keep you in England… it’s hurts to think that it’s not there anymore…” Harry said quietly.

The Burrow for years had been a second home to him; the first of course had been Hogwarts. Both places made him feel safe and comforted within their walls all through his years in the wizarding world. And now the knowledge that he would never see either one ever again filled him with a deep sadness.

“I loved the Burrow and you’re right, I would have always stayed, but since the end of the war Ginny and I have both felt that it hasn’t held the same warmth and sense of home since they’ve been gone…” Mr. Weasley said sadly. “Now that it’s gone I am both relieved and sadden by that fact…”

“Well, now you are here and I have more than enough room for you all. However, if you want to have a home of your own, there is a Gringott’s branch in New York that you can contact about your finances. Either way, you and Ginny are very welcome to consider this your home.” Harry stepped back and gave the older wizard a smile. “I really missed you guys and so has Teddy!”

“Thank you Harry… I’ll wait until Ginny is doing better before making any decisions.”

“Good… now, is that bacon I smell?” Harry said with a lick of his lips as he turned to Jack.

(¸.•´ (¸.•´¸.•´¸•´¨)¸.•¨)¸.•´

Over the next few days Ginny began to get stronger, her wounds healed and her color started to come back to her once vibrant alabaster skin. Ginny once waking had so many questions for Harry… who was Jack, how was Teddy doing, where was he working…? Harry was eager to spill about Jack, having no one else to confide in about his new relationship with the older man. Teddy was just as easy a subject to talk about as Harry doted on his son and was eager to have everyone else see how remarkable he was as well. His work was of course a touchy subject. Ginny and Mr. Weasley’s subtle questions on what he did were hard to evade and after speaking to Jack Harry had finally decided to tell them what he could.

“So you’re working for the American government?” Mr. Weasley asked with a frown. “Doing what exactly?”

“Well, my main goal is to try and integrate wizarding medical practices into muggle ones. But I am also helping with potions, protection and defense practices as well. The facility I work for is one that is classified and I am not able to tell you more than that really… you know how the Secrecy Act is for the wizarding world, well the American government has tasked me to keep their secrets as well. What I can say is that what we’re doing is very important and my involvement could turn the tide on the goals they are trying to achieve…”

“And Jack works there as well?” Ginny asked with a smile.

“He’s actually the one who got me involved… if I hadn’t had met him then I wouldn’t be doing what I am now. I was very lucky the day I met him… for many different reasons.” Harry stated with a dreamy grin on his face.

Ginny laughed at the expression on Harry’s face and spoke. “Well, as long as you are happy in what you’re doing, I am glad for you Harry.”

“As am I.” Mr. Weasley said as he clapped Harry on the back.

After that they began to settle in to their new lives. Ginny and Mr. Weasley decided to continue to live with Harry, wanting to keep family close. Once that decision had been made, Ginny volunteered to care for Teddy while Harry was at work as she wanted something to fill her days. Harry hadn’t wanted to take Teddy away from interaction with children his own age completely, so he had Teddy continue to go to the daycare twice a week and stay home with Ginny the rest of the time.

Ginny, Teddy and Mr. Weasley all seemed to love this arrangement, Dobby as well. The little house elf had flourished with a house full of people to take care of again and eagerly adapted to the new home. Harry had created a small room in the house that was made especially for Dobby. One with a tiny four poster bed, soft cushy chair, a small wardrobe for his meager possessions… Dobby upon seeing his new room had cried for quite a while and praised the Great Harry Potter Sir for being such a giving wizard. Harry had as usual been embarrassed for treating Dobby as he thought everyone should and had blushed profusely.

A few days after they came, Dobby had overheard Harry calling Jack “my Colonel” jokingly and had latched onto the name quickly, to Jack’s annoyance. Whenever he spoke to Jack or Jack spoke to him, he called him “The Great Harry Potter Sir’s Colonel Sir.” Harry found it hilarious as did Ginny and Mr. Weasley, as no matter how much Jack tried to get Dobby to just call him Jack, he continued to hold tight to the original name. Finally, Jack just gave up and accepted defeat.

(¸.•´ (¸.•´¸.•´¸•´¨)¸.•¨)¸.•´

Harry walked through the halls of the SGC a file of an Airman open in front of him. The Airman had contracted an odd flu like virus that was holding on longer than Harry thought was acceptable. The virus was not life threatening, merely a nuisance to the young airman who after a month still had a low grade fever, problems with coughing and the sniffles. Harry was determined to use his medi-wizard knowledge to help get rid of the virus.

Just as he rounded a corner, Harry ran into a brick wall better known as, Jack. The file went flying and Harry would have fallen to the hard cement below if Jack hadn’t caught him in time. Once Harry was steady on his feet, Jack knelt down and gathered the papers from the file from the ground and handed them to Harry.

“Baby, you gotta’ be careful…” Jack said quietly with a grin. “The grunts around here aren’t as careful about tromping over civilians as I am.”

Harry rolled his eyes and took the file from his lover. “I was perfectly aware of my surroundings; you just snuck up on me!” Harry said petulantly.

Snorting, Jack said, “Mmmhmmm” in a disbelieving voice as he turned Harry back the way he came and led him down the corridor with his hand on the small of Harry’s back. Twenty feet down the hall he realized what he was doing and reluctantly removed his hand from Harry’s back.

“Where are we going?”

“The General wants to see us, sounded important.” Jack answered as they reached the elevator and got in.

A minute later they entered General Hammond’s office.

“Colonel, Harry… close the door and take a seat.”

Jack frowned as he closed the office door and took a seat in one of the two chairs in front of the general’s desk. “What’s wrong?”

“I just received a call from the president a while ago… it seems that news of Harry’s presence here in the mountain hasn’t gone unnoticed. The American Department of Magic has become aware of Harry and are contemplating denying him a visa to stay in the United States.” The general said softly as he leaned back in his chair. “Harry you are a very well known fugitive and the American government is leery of harboring you and inciting a political war between the US and the UK.”

“Sir, they can’t do that!” Jack shouted as he stood up and began pacing the length of the small office. “If they send him back he’ll be sent to… What was it called Harry, Alakazam?”


“Yeah… Sir, from what he told me about that place; it would seriously make me question even putting my worst enemy in there!”

“Colonel O’Neill, I am in complete agreement, but if they do decide to do this I may not have a great deal of options. I have one option to keep this from going any farther and as soon as this meeting is over I will be flying to D.C. to speak with the president personally. At this point, I believe he is the only viable option right now.”

“General, I don’t want you to endanger your career for me-”

“Harry, stop right there. Even if my morals were not in the equation, your contribution to the SGC is very important. Dr. Frasier has said many times since you started that your knowledge and skills have been invaluable to her. Major Carter and the scientist on the base have learned more about human evolution, magic and it uses and so much more in the last month than in the last years combined. By my viewpoint your continued presence here is vital in our effort to protect Earth and that is what I will be telling the president.”

Harry, embarrassed, could only say, “Thank you Sir.”

“You are very welcome. Now, as the president has informed me the final decision has not been made yet and so you are safe for the moment. I am hoping my trip to D.C. will eliminate this altogether. With your permission, I would like to seek asylum for you and your family here in the US. I believe with the information I give the president that will happen.”

“I don’t know what to say… thank you sir.” Harry said softly with a smile and watery eyes.

Later that evening Harry and his family sat down to talk about it. Jack sat on far end of the couch with Harry nearly sitting in his lap, back against Jack’s chest and head resting on his shoulder. Teddy slept peacefully against Harry’s chest as Jack wrapped his arms around them both as if to keep them safe from the outside world.

“If they decide to send you back, we can just run away. We have the money to disappear Harry; I won’t allow you to be sent to that place!” Mr. Weasley said vehemently.

Ginny nodded her head, her wild mane of red hair bouncing softly as she moved. “It’s not right… anyone who knows you can see that you’re good, nothing like Voldemort and his Death Eaters were…”

“Hopefully it won’t come to that… the General is going to plead my case and try and get us asylum here. If it doesn’t we’ll have to leave, I’m not going to go to Azkaban and leave Teddy!” Harry said quietly, but fiercely as he kissed Teddy’s wild mane of hair.

Jack held him a little tighter after he spoke; nuzzling his face into Harry’s hair and Harry had to close his eyes to keep from crying. His life had finally started to feel good, perfect even… he had Teddy and Jack, a great job that made him feel like he was making a difference and Ginny, Mr. Weasley and Dobby as well… now that was all being threatened because of some power hungry wizards who felt threatened by Harry’s magical power and influence.

In the last few months he had felt happier than he had in his entire life and a big part of that was because of Jack. Jack was everything he wanted and needed in a partner and having to make the choice of leaving him would hurt beyond belief. He didn’t want to leave… didn’t want to be away from Jack… but he couldn’t ask Jack to make the choice of leaving with him either; Jack’s life was here, his friends and career… the world needed him to stay where he was to keep it safe.

Teddy had to be his first priority, he needed Harry and Harry needed him. He couldn’t allow himself to be ripped from Teddy, having him loose a third parent in the short two years of his life. No matter how much it would hurt, if it came down to it, he would say goodbye to Jack and disappear with Teddy and the Weasleys.

(¸.•´ (¸.•´¸.•´¸•´¨)¸.•¨)¸.•´

“Mr. Minister Sir?” Said a young wizard as he popped his head in to Minister of Magic’s office.

Minister Scrimgeour sat behind his desk a scowl on his face as he threw the latest Daily Prophet from his sight. The days headline was one of many that spoke about the increasing civil war beginning in the United Kingdom’s wizarding world. The day before another large group protest had been staged by the revolutionist group known as Potter’s Army and Scrimgeour was none too happy about it.

“What is it?” He said tersely as he looked up at his assistant.

“You just received this from America Sir. It doesn’t say who sent it, but it is marked as urgent.” The young man said as he quickly walked up to the desk and handed over the envelope to the eager Minister.


“Of course Sir.” He said before he quickly walked out of the room and shut the door.

Scrimgeour ripped open the envelope and removed the letter from within and as he read it a wide malicious grin crept over his face replacing the scowl that had been there just moments before. His eyes lit up as the words “Harry Potter… located… Colorado” popped out. Today it seemed wasn’t such a bad day after all.

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