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Never Forget (A Twilight/Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Summary: Before Edward Cullen was a vampire he was a wizard known as Cedric Diggory. Cedric and Harry became lovers during Harry’s forth year. During the final task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament he is sent back in time and loses his memory. Harry is devastated and later finds out he is pregnant with their child. Three years later the war is over, Harry and his daughter along with Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione move to forks to get away from the wizarding world and there they find Cedric who is now known as Edward Cullen.
Status: Work in Progress…
Rating: Eventually NC-17
Main Pairings: Edward(Cedric)/Harry, Edward/Bella(however this won’t last very long), Sirius/Remus, Ron/Hermione, Carlisle/Esme, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie.
Author’s Notes: Twilight is canon except for the particulars of how Edward became a vampire. HP is canon until the forth book and goes AU from there. Timeline is Twilight ‘Verse just after the end of the first book and HP is at the end of the summer before the seventh book, though i have brought the HP timeline forward by ten years. This will be a longer fic, at the moment I have 15 chapters planned for this, but that is just a rough estimate at the moment.
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, mPreg, violence, language, angst.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga; nor do I make a profit from these writings.

Never Forget – Prologue
Never Forget – Chapter One
Never Forget – Chapter Two
Never Forget – Chapter Three
Never Forget – Chapter Four
Never Forget – Chapter Five

Never Forget – Chapter Six

22 Responses to “Never Forget (A Twilight/Harry Potter Fanfiction)”

  1. dominique said

    i love the pic so cute

  2. Cooky said

    I love the picture she is soooooo cute

    • She’s exactly how i pictured her in my head. Absolutely adorable little cherub with curls, pink bubble gum lips, pale alabaster skin, wide innocent look on her face… LOL! She’s such a cutie!

  3. Jessica said

    That little girl is adorable!!!! Great job of finding that pic.

  4. Toni Rayne said

    It’s kinda scary how much the picture of Lilu looks like a mix of harry and Edward. Still very very adorable. Can’t wait for more chapters.

    • Isn’t it funny, i had this idea in my head and just decided to surf around to see if i could find a picture for you readers that corresponded with the picture in my head and viola! She’s completely adorable and a perfect blend of both of them;-)

  5. Jessica said

    EHy I was wondering if you were planning on updating this stry soon…or if it was perhp on the back burner so to speak? I love the whole concept of this story and am curious as to see where it goes! 🙂

    • I am working on the next chapter, but it coming along slowly. I had some computer issues recently that ended up erasing all my previous work and all my notes/plot outlines for this story so i am starting from scratch. My projected posting date will be sometime this month(hopefully*crosses fingers*)

  6. Stebba said

    ohh that little girl is adorable just the perfect mix of them and I can’t wait for an update on this fic, I’m subscribing for it and butting it on story alert on fanfiction I love it, and plus I can’t wait and hope that you’ll update soon :Þ

  7. sesshgurl said

    when will you finish this story?

    • I am not sure exactly, i have lost my muse for the story and, so far, it hasn’t come back. However, i am trying so, hopefully i will get back to it. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Phil said

    What if like bella kidnapped Harry and wanted to kill him and the only way is for edric to save him? i think that would be a good twist…

    or maybe harry goes up to him during class…Cause you said the girls were asking if he had a girlfriend…and ask edric on a date and he says yes to explore his growing feelings on the boy.

    Just thoughts on how to get the ball rolling…

    *Edric = Edward/Cedric
    **Name on FF greengopinggo

  9. Danielle Raciti said

    Great work
    Please post more soon

  10. Lenore said

    I was hoping that there would be more chapters…:( please update soon…

    • I’m actually working on a big bang fic so i haven’t had the time to write anything for this story. I am hoping sometime in the new year, but sadly my muse for this story is waning, so i can’t say exactly when a new chapter will be posted. Sorry! 😦

  11. Alanis said

    I was reading this story on ff.net and was really sad since it was never updated, then someone posted this link in one of the groups I am part of and I was ecstatic especially since there are chapters I haven’t read yet. Looking forward to the next chapter and hope you have fun writing!

  12. Ruby said

    Are you going to continue this story? Please do, it’s really amazing.

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